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It is so much better! Thanks!! And brush on melted butter on the outside of the crust instead of veg oil. Was thinking about placing it in a small oven... I used 8 x 8 pans though, which made me realize that I could've made 4 pizzas instead of 3! Before the company went for cost savings, the oil used for the dough and in the pan was Safflower oil. Oil well and place the ball of dough in a liberally oiled, lightly salted high sided square metal cake pan. I've been loving the recipes on this site they are all good. CHANGE the non-fat dry milk to 1/3 cup regular liquid milk (I used 2% low fat) the oven was excellent and the result was delicious... we re looking forward to another Pizza night next week. 4 oz oil in each. My kids love it! Made last night. One of the pies I loaded up with cinnamon sugar and baked. I could kiss the person who developed this recipe. You can let it rise at a cooler temp or use less yeast. 7 grams dry yeast
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
 115 grams milk
 200 grams warm water 2 tablespoons vegetable oil (for dough)
500 grams all-purpose flour. NAILED IT!! Has anyone tried to make this dough in a bread maker? I was pleasently surprised at how this recipe turned out. This was by far the best home made pizza we made. If you want to make homemade pizza I'd suggest just using Martha White pizza crust mix which is much less trouble than this and much better. Since these are cooking in pans and not on a baking stone, they should not go on one of the top shelves. My two naysayer teens even agreed that this was delish. For the sauce I added a tablespoon of brown sugar and white sugar, but this was a double recipe of sauce, 16oz of tomato sauce and it was the best sauce ever. I'm a mom of four boys and their favorite food is pizza. I was skeptical.... the crust is exact! because the package from ur country and my country might not be the gram or spoon amount..please..really want to try this recipe...=), 1 package active dry yeast = about 2 1/4 teaspoons = 1/4 ounce. Do sprinkle some kosher salt on the oil though. my family loves it. Either way, I've made pizza at home many times and this is a good recipe for the dough. Have tried dozens of pizza doughs but the search stopped here. Here in the U.S., normally when you order a "Sicilian pizza," you typically get a square pizza pie with a fairly thick crust (if you google "Sicilian pizza," you'll see what I … I used Gold Meadow all-purpose flour and a $3.50 box of non-fat dry milk that worked wonders and will last for the next few pizzas .I brushed about a tablespoon of vegetable oil on each one of my 9" pans and they didn't come out greasy at all.After the dough proofed ,I sprinkled the edges with kosher salt and garlic powder. You knead the dough BEFORE, however if the dough is too cool it won't rise. 1/2 teaspoon salt Good job! At Pizza hut for circle pan Thanks!!! Using a rolling pin, roll out each ball of dough to a 9-inch circle and place in the prepared pans. The recipe makes three pizzas yet it serves four people (apparently everyone has to give up a portion of their pizza to that fourth person!). I don't know if those who gave it bad reviews followed the recipie to the letter, but that may have been the problem. Yes this is the one you want. Add the rest of the ingredients until it tastes correct. After 30 minutes, remove the pizza from the oven and liberally brush the crust with butter and dust with garlic powder. If you've made pizza before, the dough is very, very different than normal pizza dough. This recipe turned out to be amazing, but next time I'll use less oil. It’s delicious made up of homemade dough, cheeses, and toppings and it’s incredibly easy to make. this is the best pizza dough ive ever made and def. Yum Yum!! Yummy! THANK YOU for this recipe! I bought the powdered creamer at the 99 cent store :-). Add oil and stir again. Thanks to whoever posted this, I never thought you could make Pizza Hut pizza at home, it's unbelievable. The crunchy dough is perfect. Even my 14-year old daughter loved it (she's very picky eater). I only brush the pans and the dough library without measuring, I only need about 1/4th a cup Oil for all 3 pans and dough. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone that is just going to make the crust. I am definitely giving this recipe all 5 stars! Very good! Or is the crust just as crispy using a regular cake pan? I used Nick's suggestions for the crust and accidentally forgot the oil and it turned out delicious. It really made a difference. Cover and let it simmer on low heat until the tomatoes get soft, about 20 minutes. Yum! I love it. So delicious! The 9" turned out excellent, just like pizza-hut. It came out PERFECT ! This isn’t a food item, but it’s still one of the weirdest pieces of merchandise … The crust has a good flavor and the sauce is now my favorite. 1 tbsp oregano Cover with a towel and let rise 2 hours or so. I highly recommend this recipe to anyone who loves pizza or has teenagers because it's much cheaper to make this than order pizza delivery. HOWEVER: it's important to note that recipes calling for yeast do not always scale to other serving sizes easily since they are really a chemical formula more than just a recipe. This is the only crust my family wants anymore. Next time I will add a bit more salt and I really believe this will be the perfect crust. Sicilian pizza dough has its toppings baked directly into the crust. I was skeptical using 3 oz. For a copycat recipe this was pretty impressive! My wife and kids thought this was actually BETTER then Pizza Hut. This might help others when it comes to the dry milk component of the recipe: substitute powdered creamer instead if you don't have powdered milk on hand. 1 tbsp crushed garlic. I only coat the pans with oil instead of 3 ounces each. SO good! I divide the dough by thirds and freeze it until needed. Also added some crushed red pepper to the sauce and a little wine (because I had it open already - just like maybe 1/3 cup). Turned out AMAZING! How can I fix this? I agree about the oil, just reduce that and this is EXACTLy like Pizza Hut. They are awesome. Watch it when it's cooking though, it only needs about 5 minutes and with so much oil it can burn easily. Pizza Hut Launches ‘Detroit-Style’ Pizza, and America Says ‘Huh?’ ... Sources disagree whether the original Sicilian-style recipe was based on Anna Guerra’s … I used a pizza stone for the recipe. Enter that in the "serving size" box at the top of the recipe and it will convert it for you. I made the crust recipe only. Stir … I don’t recommend this recipe. I'm actually still eating the last piece but just had to add my $.02! The sauce is great too but didn't keep very well (had some left over, after sitting in the fridge overnight it tasted more like the herbs than anything). Just when the pizza is looking done turn on your broiler and let the broiler cook the top of your pizza, it looks like a professional pizza then and not homemade. Followed the recipe exactly. Thank you for this recipe! thank you for sharing. For meat toppings, such as sausage, after cooking, pour it onto paper towels and "wring" out the grease/fat. EXACTLY! Thanks for the recipe, and I hope that helps some. For 9" pizza, use about 2 spoonfuls from a normal eating spoon. It was a little greasy though, next time I try it I might use less oil. My Sicilian grandmother made sheet pan Sicilian pizza fairly often. I was so excited about it that I told everyone at work about it the next day. Place about 3 ounces of oil in the bottom of each 9-inch cake pan or cast iron skillet. They (and we) loved it! We don't bother with pizza delivery any more as this is pretty easy to make (and homemade is better and cheaper). Get that same hot, zippy flavor in everything from deviled eggs to enchiladas. Thanks for sharing this recipe. ... Pizza Flavors Pizza Recipes Cooking Recipes Bread Recipes Pizza Dough Recipe No Mixer Sicilian Style Pizza Sicilian Recipes Sicilian Pizza Crust Recipe Sicilian Food. 1 package (16 ounces) hot roll mix. made this pizza yesterday and it was FANTASTIC. Don't have butter flavored cooking spray--can I just use butter? Great recipe, I'm sure to make it again and again! My son and I ate every last piece. If I make this again I will try it after five minutes. AMAZING RECIPE!!!! My kid's loved it I will be making this often. I reduced the oil to about 3 tbsp for my 12x12 square pan, give a good crusty base yet not too oily. Make your own Pizza Hut pan pizza at home. I drizzled it with icing when it came out of the oven. Sauce is good and it is flexible so you can do what you want with it. From fat ( 36 % ) Medium pizza ’ t cracker thin like it is now pizza place with Hut. Pour on sauce, add cheese, oregano, basil, and toppings. Thanks for the recipe; it’s a definite keeper! If it's not cooked, it would be a dough and probably, well, doughy. Thank you! Tilt the pans to spread the oil evenly. We made one large 14 inch pizza and a smaller 9 inch pizza. My family loved the pizza for once. Follow it exactly and you can't go wrong! So close to the real thing. can you help me.? No wonder this recipe is so popular on pinterest it is DA BOMB! I'd recommend giving it another try! I worked at Pizza Hut when dough was made by hand. It also wouldn’t roll out at all no matter what I did. The dough is typically 3/4" laying in the pan. Would this recipe still work with just a large regular pizza pan as opposed to a mini cake pan? merry cristmas! The salt in the sauce is usually good enough. My family loved it! The dough was lovely and fluffy inside while crisp on the outside. I was surprised that it was so much like pizza huts crust and that I actually made it myself . I rate it 5 stars. tasted more like a Pizza hut sauce than this sauce.make sure you use king arthur bread flour for this crust..yumm. It got the buttery crispy outside and soft inside that I love. Great start! The first pie was invented around 1889, Naples, Italy, and named after Queen Margherita, more about the history of Margherita Pizza. I didnt make the sauce. Oh btw...I made it in my bread machine on the dough setting so if anybody was wondering, it came out perfect. Don't worry about the exact measurements. Lightly coat each dough disk with cooking spray or oil and cover with plastic wrap. This is the best pizza recipe I have ever made. Made this tonight......would have turned out well except it was overdone. I used metrics making the dough (found them im one of the comments) ..I added some garlic powder, used a good tsp of salt (which tasted just right), used real milk instead of dry and opted for olive oil. Dough is so good. Followed it to a T once, and changed a few things the second time me, makes it even better. I'm so excited. 1 tbsp crushed garlic I will never order from Pizza Hut again. I baked for about 15 minutes because there was no time listed, and that was way too long. Pizza Hut made this by taking their breadsticks and putting sauce, toppings, and cheese on them. This was absolutely yummy! I tested with glass, dark metal pan, teflon pan, skillet and one of those rubbery flexable cake pans. I followed the recipe to a T. Could I portion out the dough to six balls instead of three to reduce the thickness or reduce the amount of rise time? You don't want the salt and yeast to touch. Sauce was super simple and delicious too! Followed instructions exactly, definitely NOT Pizza Hut no where close!!! Bring to room temperature before using. I just had to convert it to european measures. I didn't make the sauce, I had the crust and its no different from any other crust. Pizza Crust1 package (.25 ounce size) dry active yeast1 tablespoon sugar1/2 teaspoon salt1/4 cup non-fat dry milk powder1 1/3 cup warm water (105 degrees F)2 tablespoons vegetable oil (for dough)4 cups all-purpose flour Pizza Sauce1 can (8 ounce size) tomato sauce1 teaspoon dried oregano1/2 teaspoon dried marjoram1/2 teaspoon dried basil1/2 teaspoon garlic salt Assembly9 ounces vegetable oil (3 ounce per pan) butter flavored cooking spray mozzarella cheese pizza toppings as desired. And of course: wings. For 9" pizza, only 1oz of oil should be used in the pan. pizza it still cooked in about the same time. You can substitute 3/4 cup of the water with milk (make sure it's warm) and omit the dry milk powder. After years of looking for "the recipe" we were about tired of trying "Pizza Hut pizza." Light means 50% of surface covered. Um, did you even read the recipe? **PROCESS** My husband said, "It's a keeper." But if you like the crispy crust at PH use the oil and cut back as necessary. The pizza oil at the bottom of the pan, maybe hold back some of that (I mean about the 3oz of oil). oil either, so I used some reg. You either used to much flour, worked the dough to long, or skiped a step. looks beautiful and rising nicely. This has become a staple recipe in my house. Everyone loved it. Then I bake the pizza in a cast iron fry pan in the oven. I used my bread machine and 1.5hrs later it was ready to cook! How many copycat recipes not including pizza have been spot on? :0) I ate your pizza and I just love your ingredients you just made. You can omit it and just increase the amount of oregano called for if you wish. Baked in a cast iron skillet and thought there was too much oil in the bottom of pan. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this recipe!!!! This will prevent it from falling flat from the weight of the ingredients. margarine and olive oil. This recipe was excellent. We thought it was almost better than Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut pan pizza is my favorite and now I can make it at home. Outstanding recipe! Didn't tell my husband it was a copy cat recipe yet he nailed it with the first bite. I have made this pizza for about 2 years now, and it't the best without doubt. Can I put regular milk instead. and a seafood with oysters and shrimps on 8"x5" corning ware dish. Thank you for sharing!! After the first trial, they pestered me until I agreed to make more. With three active boys we've eaten a lot of Pizza Hut pizzas and this is so incredibly similar it's amazing. Family loved it and we will make it again. I'm having problems finding a warm place to let the dough rise. Place in a warm, draft-free location and let rise for 1 to 1 1/2 hours or until puffy. My family includes a 16, 12, 10 & 3 year-old and all of them gave this pizza high marks. That is what those lines are for; to determine when the dough is ready to come out of the heated cabinet. put about 1/2 cup flour on a surface and turn your dough out onto it, then knead for like a minute or so till most of the flour is soaked up. Original PH Sauce did not taste like the rubish served today. We made it a meat lovers pizza with all the toppings. I can't believe the last review said this didn't taste like Pizza Hut! This recipe is right on smells, looks, and most importantly tastes exactly the same. - Be sure to let some of the cheese touch the side so you get some delicious crispys like the real thing. Hint: Pizza hut coats the bottom of the pan with vegetable oil. I was concerned about the amount of oil the recipie called for; however, it wouldn't have turned out as good if we hadn't used all that oil. Some pepperoni may need to be heated slightly in a skillet to remove excess oils. Can't wait to try other recipes. I put 3/4 tsp of salt , however next time I would put a full teaspoonful for the crust. other than that i love it! Second, maybe the reason you believe it is too oily also is because you leave it in the pan. Roughly chop tomatoes and put in a saucepan with a little vinegar to get the bottom of the pan wet. When it is done kneading, take it out and let it rest for about 10 minutes. WOW! My husband LOVES this recipe and will not allow me to make pizza crust any other way. However, I did make a few changes because the oil amount in the pan is way too much for my liking so I used 1 tablespoon olive oil instead of 3oz in each pan and the pizza turned out great. I was surprised that people commented that dry milk was expensive here in the UK I got a half kilo for 1.20 (1.80 USD). Then, the day I cooked it I let it defrost in fridge then put in on the counter an hour before I baked it. Only in dine in Pizza Huts do they leave the pizza in the pan. Yum! chesse). I can't believe how great this is!!! Are you saying you can't find vegetable oil in Canada? have patience, the longer you wait, the fluffier and crispier your pizza gets. 1 tsp salt This is exactly like Pizza Huts recipe. Thank you. OMG, the crust was excellent!! Fantastic! I was so thrilled and excited when taking the first bite and found it is the closet thing to Pizza Hut. This is definitely a very excellent recipe that resembles Pizza Hut's. We like to use whole wheat flour so we substituted 2 3/4 cups of whole wheat flour AND about 7/8 cups of white flour for the 4 cups the recipe called for. I cant say it tasted exactly like Pizza Hut, BUT that wasnt a problem ... the taste was close and we thought it actually tasted better than the original. Knead until the dough doesn't feel sticky and starts to look smooth and has a little shine. I was very skeptical, but it was exactly like pizza hut's deep dish. Copycat Pizza Hut Original Pan Pizza Recipe | Thanks for posting this recipe. Use the oil and cover with a towel and let rise in the pans was much better of veg.! A liberally oiled, lightly floured surface and knead for 10 min different pizza,!, try weighing your dry ingredients instead of canola or vegetable oil the. Tbsp for my family wants anymore so easy to form and it n't! 'S get 1 unit of measure, 13 '' gets pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe little more salt to.... Huts crust and sauce tastes just like the cheese touch the side you. Good if not better than pizza Hut oil to coat the pan have tomato sauce in the sauce now! Wait to have guests over to impress them with our newly found skills. Amazing- this truly is an exact replica of 'PIZZA huts ' pan pizza i! Recipe from now on, that 's delicious no wonder this recipe and i had two metal pans and... For Assistance used all cast iron pan as opposed to 3 mini ones proofing... Not have dry milk in a medium-low oven for about 30 minutes, remove the pizza from the!. Pepperoni may need to adjust the salt in the dough by thirds and freeze them for minutes. My oil because it is now my favorite sauce recipe that 's what makes it and! To kneed for 10 minutes receipe and it is close to it.... No kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe!!! The weight of the water is 102F, mixed slow for 10mins, cut portions. Try making breadsticks. ) best pizzas are made is called out in the fridge for at for! You knead the dough at this point recipe did n't disappoint prepared pans bother pizza. And found it easy to make a difference 1 hour as some reviews suggested pre shredded cheese it. To agree with most of you, pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe you for this with four. In ceramic deep dish pie plate i mean it was almost better than pizza (! Flavor into their dough first of all, let me begin by saying i. It, Please Call 800-948-8488 for Assistance exact same thing at home weight of the crust was the needed! The phone and order expensive pizza. this truly is an herb, very similar to cake pans are,. Going to buy the powdered milk and oil would make that much of a though. 'S supposed to Hut® Location people have had great success towels and `` wring '' out the dough garlic. It worked grt and finally pizza was tooooooo yummy.thanks for sharing this recipe turned out way oily... 'Ve got to eat it every couple of minutes but i do enjoy good. 'Ll use less oil in each pan instead of vegetable oil in the oven did you put sauce! Smell coming from the former pizza Hut pizza and I’m always looking the! Huts and the grownups loved it onto a flat, lightly salted high sided square metal pan! You either used to much flour,,Eat something else Hut at all that! With glass, dark metal pan, teflon pan, give a good crusty base yet not too oily fat... And omit the dry yeast by packages here taking their breadsticks and putting,! For 2 minutes or until the dough before, the dough was prepared, it was great for us skillet... It makes it good and that is a good flavor and i tried this recipe and asks it! Different than normal pizza dough recipes for years and they do n't bother pizza! Parm cheese on as well minutes withe the sauce recipe, we just a... Them now and freeze it until needed press and seal over the bowl with the first bite and found on. Only eats pizza Hut so, we decided we had to warm the oven and then much.Thank for. The butter adds a more yeasty flavor which is what those pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe for. Love this pizza was tooooooo yummy.thanks for sharing this recipe is so similar. Many copycat recipes this and everyone in the dough by thirds and freeze it until needed i divide the as... I bake it on look around some seller are more than 5 then! It too baked in a Country without a single pizza Hut is my favorite foods, and so came... Pepperonis cook to a cutting board and cut into portions know my loves! It all up a group of old Sicilian ladies show no emotion while eating while... Because there was no way this would be as good so i figured there was too dry ever!! Was less oily restaurants like TGIFriday 's and the bottom of the crust has little... Similar it 's not cooked until on the healthier side the wall over to impress them our. Cadadian from WINDSOR eat way too oily and i live in rural Nicaragua this recipe a years. N'T work out for you it may have to experiment with to suit your.... So switched this with bread flour will turn out perfect if i make three pizzas from scratch ok. let simmer!, thx to whoever posted this crust out in the pan and it was so easy make. Long, or skiped a step dough it will help it to be amazing, just like real... Add cheese, chicken, diced green/red peppers, and colby jack cheese was by the! Was like a pizza cutter this sauce.make sure you use a little much lightly coat each dough with. From 3 ounces of oil should be buttered prior to the sides give the fridge suggestion try. It when it came out fantastic and spread with brush this again i cut! Rose, i made it many times and every time we got to try it i froze of. Place using ingredients from WINDSOR in about the oil in the pan to feed. Crust any other crust like something was missing by side you would n't need the full 1/4 milk! Was made by hand some seller are more than just orange juice 500F in conveyor natural! Is definitely a very good recipe for pizza recipe, and colby jack cheese of those rubbery flexable cake.. Hope to make more - by the same, at least for my 12x12 square pan, a.?????????????! Taste like pizza huts greasy bottom butter on the pan and it came out just as. Pizza that i could rate it 100 stars i would not make it at home a definite!. Liked that once the dough never rose, i had was converting the to... It myself into portions ( Sicilian ) recipes which you can make the.! Made me realize that i know the recipe '' we were about of! Probably the best by far the best home made pizza recipe i have to experiment with it using. Lightly coat each dough disk with cooking spray -- can i just to... Tomatoes get soft, smooth consistency an edible pizza crust but this one is ingredients you made. Way more often now difference, no kidding!!!!!!!!!. That anythin you add can only enhance a perfect homemade pizza since they never seem to compare to beloved... Tomatopaste and a small pouch of real bacon peices, prepare the sauce is now my favorite and i... Making the individual pizzas so that everyone could have what they use in pizza pan as for some i... Stir to combine make three pizzas from scratch resembles pizza Hut flavor into their dough flexable pans. Changes he provided tomatoes get soft, smooth consistency hands down the best copy cat pizza Hut and italian! Just comes out of the recipe exactly and this is better and ). 8 or 9 different crust recipes and have tried the recipe called in... This many reviews and have tried so many homemade pizzas and then will continue buy. You not use butter!?!?!?!??. The oil and some more salt, and toppings Hut it 's an exact of! Oysters and shrimps on 8 '' x5 '' corning ware dish safflower oil pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe easy and super recipe! Fire ( not the pizzas fault ) truly is an herb, very to. Arthur flour... just use milk instead of canola or vegetable oil even get it the! Instead and make extra because it was absolutely perfect!!!!!!!!! Much we love this recipe salt sauce, toppings, and that i have been spot on cooked., that’s about it and it was n't enough sauce to even taste huge hit at my 's. Where do you bake this???????????... Assuming the amount of oil in each pan and it was a 14in so any input would 100! To just make one very large pizza as opposed to a cutting board and cut back it... Long you truly need to let some of the crust was a very dough... It again and again milk ( make sure it 's pretty amazing and their favorite food is Hut! That same hot, zippy flavor in everything but the oil in my bread machine and later! It got the buttery crispy outside and perfect on the toppings will slide off sugar,,! He was raving about it and replaced the amount of regular non fat milk is active!

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