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Cloud was one of the many fighters that fell under Dharkon's control upon Galeem's first defeat. His moveset appears to be the same as in the previous title, but his Limit Break ability has been tweaked. It is a move where Cloud projects a standing beam with his Buster Sword horizontally in front of him. If you continue to play Luigi, Mario or Pacman you can throw your own projectiles as well. It travels 3/5 the length of Final Destination. SmashWiki article: Blade Beam Blade Beam is Cloud's first level two Limit Break in Final Fantasy VII, and his standard special move.Cloud swings his sword upward, sending out a beam that travels across the stage, following the ground, and disappearing when it reaches the end of the stage or it hits an opponent. User With a Limit Break activated, the properties of Cloud's special moves change.These can only be used once per Limit Break:Blade Beam deals multiple hits and higher knockbackCross Slash delivers five automatic slashes that deal high damage and … Neutral Special - Blade Beam. Updates. But this is a fantastic idea! Forward Aerial, Down Aerial and the third hit of Climhazzard can Meteor Smash. Embed. I didn't get Cloud's Blade Beam SSB! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Cloud has Limit Break active, the Blade Beam travels farther on both ground and air and deals multiple damage if it hits the opponent successfully, causing higher knockback by the last hit; its color also changes to blue. An Effect Mod for Super Smash Bros. (3DS) Super Smash Bros. (3DS) / Effects / Other/Misc. Up Smash: 15.6 % (21.8 %) Cloud brings his Bustersword above his head in an arch. 2) Limit takes 420 frames (7 seconds) to fully charge. Cloud Strife is a veteran character that appears in Super Smash Bros. And don't be scared to throw out a Limit Break attack like a Blade Beam, since there's little recovery associated with it. The initial sword slash has no hitbox and deals no damage, and the beam bursts on the first target it hits. Blade Beam (破晄撃, Blasting Clear Strike) is Cloud's neutral special move. When Blade Beam is used on the ground, the beam slides, moving surprisingly fast for a projectile, also with low startup and ending lag. If it hits the target, it can induce Chase. Blade Beam itself is slow moving and a little weak, but these are the things you need to learn and implement well. He can be accessed via modding using Gamebanana. It has wide range and can be used in both air and on ground but is more powerful on the ground. Cloud Strife Home Stage Midgar Origin Final Fantasy VII Release Date January 31, 1997 Works Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy Tactics Dissidia: Final Fantasy Offense 8/10 Defense 4/10 Projectile 6/10 Weight 6/10 Speed 2/10 Recovery 6/10 Throwing Ability 4/10 Final Smash 7/10 Standard Special Blade Beam Side Special Cross-Slash Up Special Braver When Cloud is firing the normal version in the air, he will stall slightly. When used from the air, the values are reduced to 15%/10% for the initial target and additional targets respectively (with an expected drop in knockback). These are the variations: Like the other DLC characters, Cloud lacks custom move variations. Hit him with a cross slash when he finally gets close, then make distance and repeat again. Clear Classic Mode with Samus or any character in her unlock tree, being the 6th character in her unlock tree after Dark Samus. In terms of helping Cloud, I feel it gives him another move in his arsenal. Mobile-friendly Frame Data for Cloud in Super Smash Bros. Cloud's neutral move is the Blade Beam. Cloud swings upwards and launches a green beam of energy forward. Likes. Regular Blade Beam, not too sure. Ultimate. Mobile-friendly Frame Data for Cloud in Super Smash Bros. LB Blade Beam can be used as a mix up and also keep people who like to dash at you with no regard for jumping on their toes. 4 Know The Differences Between Cloud And Other Swordfighters Blade Beam can be used on the ground and in the air, but deals more damage and covers more distance if used on the ground. Blade Beam is a powerful zoning tool and very useful for edge-guarding; when under Limit Break, it deals high damage and decent knockback in multi-hits; however, it deals the least damage (besides Finishing Touch) and kills the latest out of all of his Limit Breaks. Kirby uses it to perform Blade Beam against opponents. When used, Cloud fires a wave of energy that heavily damages one enemy and creates a shockwave that deals lesser damage to other enemies. Well actually, invincibility for Limit Break Blade Beam in the OP refers to Cloud being immune to damage and knockback. It can also be equipped by Kirby when copying Cloud. Have Cloud join the player's party in World of Light.With the exception of the third method, Cloud must then be defeated on Midgar. And if they shield it, you can dash in. Down Smash: 13.5 % (18.4 %) Striking in the front and back, Cloud will … It also appeared in Final Fantasy Tactics as one of Cloud's skills, and in Dissidia Final Fantasy as one of Cloud's Bravery attacks. According to the official Nintendo description of Cloud… Activate Limit Breaks by maxing out the Limit Gauge, which fills by dealing and receiving damage and via manual charge with his down special. Blade Beam is a Bravery attack for Cloud, which can only be used while on the ground and is a low, ranged, magical melee attack. This page was last edited on December 21, 2020, at 23:53. Cloud will unleash this move where he is facing. Let's start with his special moves. From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki, Blade Beam is Cloud's third Limit Break in Final Fantasy VII. The shockwave would split, hitting mutiple targets. When fired rightward onto the Great Fox's sharkfin on, When Blade Beam's Limit Break version was demonstrated during the December 15, 2015 Final Video Presentation, it was mistakenly said to have "stonger launch" instead of "st. It requires 30 CP (15 when mastered) to equip, 120 AP to master, and is learned at level 30. Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U. Blade Beam (破晄撃, Hakōgeki, literally "Blasting Clear Strike") is Cloud's Neutral Special Move. Slashes the air to send out a shock wave. For general information about the character, see Blade. Additionally, it gains transcendent priority, meaning that in most cases, the attack will not collide with other attacks and will instead pass-through most of them. Appears in Not sure I wanna lose my Avenger tag despite beating him. Endless Dreams. Interestingly, in Final Fantasy VII and several other forms of Final Fantasy media, Cloud does a downward slash to activate Blade Beam, as opposed to the upward slash seen in Smash. Cloud slashes the air and creates a shock wave that reaches even distant opponents. Cloud will rush forward making two swipes with his Buster Sword towards the screen as if using the Double-Cut materia saying, “You cannot defeat me.” Moveset Edit Standard Special Edit. Defeat 200 enemies in battle after you have obtained Blade Beam. Nibelheim's SOLDIER First Class storms into battle! Cloud's Final Smash is one of his classic Final Fantasy moves, the Omnislash. Cloud Moves. It has wide range and can be used in both air and on ground but is more powerful on the ground. Cloud and his sword are playable in Super Smash … But he does distinguish himself from the Roys, Links, and Ikes of Smash Ultimate in a few key ways. AncientAstro 11 months ago #1. When Cloud is under Limit Break status (see Limit Charge), the shockwave emitted is blue and has transcendent priority. 3) Limit blade beam can help distract/fend off the opponent. It can however punish rolls and techs which can make it an effective option on an opponent after throwing them. Blade is a playable newcomer starter character in Super Smash Flash. Blade Beam is more powerful when shot along the ground than in the air. Cloud Strife Home Stage Midgar Offense 8/10 Defense 4/10 Projectile 7/10 Weight 6/10 Speed 3/10 Recovery 6/10 Throwing Ability 5/10 Final Smash 5/10 Standard Special Blade Beam Side Special Cross-Slash Up Special Braver Down Special Meteorain Final Smash Omnislash Origin Final Fantasy VII (PS) Release Date of Origin January 31st, 1997 Works It also travels slower, dissipating at just over half the length of Final Destination. Blade Beam (B) – Slashes the air to send out a shock wave.During Limit Break, the wave can hit multiple enemies. Blade Beam has low startup and travels quite fast, and when Limit Break is full, it gains multi-hit properties and deals much more damage and knockback. 1 Attributes 2 Moveset 3 Taunts 4 Idle Poses 5 Cheer 6 On-Screen Appearance 7 Victory Poses 7.1 Losing Pose 8 Trophy Description 8.1 Cloud 8.2 Cloud (Alt.) When used from the ground, its burst hits multiple times for a total of 19% damage on the first target and 13% on any targets immediately behind the first, then launches all affected. Issues. 3. Fall Speed / Fast Fall Speed — 1.68 (Limit — 1.848) / 2.688 (Limit — 2.9568) HOW TO UNLOCK IN WII U? Cases where this doesn't occur are against physical projectiles such as Link's Bombs. From tip to handle, it is approximately five to six feet long, with a single-edged large blade approximately one foot wide. The reason for this change is most likely as an alternative to make the attack look the same when used airborne. DLC - Date available: 16/12/2015. 0. Attacks Hitbox Active FAF Base Dmg. cloud Menu. Any of Cloud s punch attacks and Specials involving use of the Buster Sword have infinite priority, which is expectable but can give Cloud an advantage, though some of Cloud's kicks also have infinite priority due to the attacking hitbox overlapping the collision hitbox.

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